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Being alone is not synonymous with being lonely. Give yourself room to figure out what makes you a unique person. Take all the time you need, and be a little selfish. As a nineteen  year-old on the brink of adulthood now is a better time than any to be completely and utterly selfish. Although any of theses thing’s can be done  at anytime at any age. Here is my composition of things to do to make the most of being alone, but not lonely.
“I've learnt that solitude is sometimes a path that leads to peace” Carlos Ruiz Zaf√≥n

Go for a hike enjoy nature. There truly is something so calming and serendipitous about being alone with nature. I know it can sound super hippy and shit, but I’m adamant that being outside alone can really help you clear your head. Whenever I find myself feeling stressed out , overwhelmed uninspired, I go on a small hike to my local gardens to sit, read and admirer the view  to have a little peace of mind.

Go out to eat. Eating alone isn’t as daunting as it sounds. If fact learning to eat alone is a must. You're not forced to make conversations, in fact if anything you are pushed to actually pay attention to your surroundings therefore making you a more attentive. Not to mention its a great way to try new things within your own comfort, for example I found out that  I think Italian food is really mediocre and I absolutely adore French and Asian cuisines.

Go shopping. I’m sure lots of people do this alone already, but go shopping on your own, take your  time grilling through clothing racks or hours in a bookshop loosing  yourself in beauty of words. Browse a music shop, familiarize your self in the nostalgia of vinyl’s and old school hip-hop beats. Take hours looking for what you like, something you are going to love. You will thank yourself.

“I think it's very healthy to spend time alone. You need to know how to be alone and not be defined by another person.” ― Oscar Wilde
Go to gallery or museum. You can do no wrong with a little culture right? Go and visit some of your favourite artworks, and if you don’t have a favourite go and find out what it is! Talk to the person next to you ask them what they see and why? Get lost in the time period, whether its ancient Greek, Italian renaissance or modern photography immerse yourself into it. Learn.

Go to a concert.This is still on my bucket list if things to do alone it's intimidating yes, but the experience sounds exhilarating! Imagine being alone amongst a sea of strangers all of which are enjoying the same beats and melody? Its actually quite intimate just you, them and the music. I think its those once in a life time things that you will never forget.

Take a trip alone Something that I am actively planning of and hope to do annually. A trip alone is the best way to truly feel inner satisfaction, well for me at least. No one can discover the world for you. You can read about places, cultures, and people but you’re simply learning facts. Pushing beyond your norm divulges a  world is far more wonderful and unexpected than we believe. Life begins at the edge of your comfort zone.

Being alone can be liberating.

Thank you,
Stay wild.

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