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April 16th I became the ripe old age of 19. I thought to turn 18 was a big deal because being legally able to drink was a lot of fun and also legally becoming an adult. However, turning 19 feels a hell of a lot different mainly because of the fact that I am one year away from no longer being a teenager… and it’s a very weird thought process to adapt to. So here are my 19 life lessons I've learnt.

1.    Nobody is perfect. Especially I and that is more than ok.
2.    To keep a balanced clear head, I need to stay organised and on top of my work.
3.    Just because I don’t do things the in the ways anticipated of me doesn’t mean I'm doing them wrong.
4.    You are a amalgamation of the people you choose to your spend the most time with.
5.    There really is nothing erroneous with being alone.
6.    Everyone deals with death differently — and every death is different.
7.    Friends can love you more than any guy potentially ever will.
8.    There's only one proper way to accept a compliment. A simple thank you and a smile will suffice, don’t fight it.
9.    It is so important to take time for yourself.  Mind, body and soul.
10.    Never let an argument last, never hold a grudge, it will make your heart heavy.
11.    I am somebody’s reason to smile.
12.    What others think of me is none of my business.
13.    I am going to be so much more than ‘enough’ for someone someday.
14.    Your perception of others is a reflection of your own reality
15.    Unfortunately, not everyone had good intentions.
16.    It is so ok to be selfish when it is considered indispensable.
17.    Live in the present.
18.    Enjoy the little things. Sunsets, warm weather.
19.    Don’t fucking settle for anything.

I know I have rejected my blog for over six months now but it has been such a tough six months with inspiration and motivation but here I am with thoughts in my head ready to tackle the next chapter, we can mark this as my return to blogging, something I am very excited for.

Thank you
1 comment on "19 THINGS BY 19"
  1. YAS GURL! Preach everything you said here - it's all so important to remember, loved this beautiful! xx

    Em //


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