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Bittersweet September has come and gone. It’s no longer summer and we can welcome autumn with open arms and the smell of cinnamon. I’ve tried to focus a lot more in September and get stuff done, especially with my blog- which I can proudly say I’ve done quite well to post more on- and in my day to day life. Here is what happened in September…

It seems like my September has been one I have spent with a multitude of friends. A lot my pals are already turning nineteen, and coming from a girl who has been eighteen for less than eight months I still feel like a baby and they feel amazingly old. LOL.  From house parties to club nights out in London, it’s actually amazing just how quickly we all grow up.

I’ve also cried an insane amount the September, I had to say goodbye to my nearest and dearest friends as they left out hometown to go to university. It was beyond bittersweet, on the one had they were all embarking on new adventures but at the same time we would lose our normalcy of everyday life. We couldn’t just phone each other and meet up at the park, riverside or pub now considering we are all spread over England. It’s sad, but also exciting at the same time as it means that I am officially on my gap year (post coming soon!) and that alone is insanely thrilling. Whatever happens and no matter just how much I miss my friends, I know that they remain only a phone call away.

I guess that the upside to all my friends going away means I have been allowed to crash their fresher’s! I’ve already seen my friends who are at London Uni’s and I’m off to Brighton, Portsmouth and Bristol to visiting them all. And of course, I’m also looking at uni’s I hoping to apply to.

Despite saying goodbye to lots of my friends, being on a gap year means quite a bit of spare time, and I’m so happy I’ve been able to meet up with old friends, drink some fine wine and talk the night away. Finding time to catch up with old friends gets so much harder when you are older since you both have your own lives to live and as you may know life is life and it can get disgustingly hectic.

September was both uneventful and remarkably eventful at the same time and I am excited to see what October brings!

Post in September:

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7 comments on "LIFE LATELY 30.9.16"
  1. Hope you have a good gap year!

    Serena /

  2. Enjoy crashing their fresher's! It'll be fine too, good friends don't let a bit of distance get in the way!

    Mark (

    1. Crashing freshers was beyond fun!

  3. September has gone by so so fast! Saying goodbyes has been hard for me too, but crashing freshers will be great! I also totally know how you feel about feeling young, my 18th was in July and loads of my friends are already 19?? It's kind of crazy! I'm also taking a gap year, hope yours goes well gal!

    Em //

  4. Very interesting and I'm so sad about summer but not at the same time. I'm weird!

    S .x

  5. Love the idea behind this post! Crashing you're friends' freshers must have been fun! Yep it's definitely bittersweet losing normalcy and started a new adventure but I hope you enjoy your gap year! Keep us updated xx



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