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August has definitely been a busy month for me! This has possibly been one of the best summers of my life! As usual, my blogging rota has been infrequent as ever, but I faced some very annoying technical difficulties that prevented me from getting back into the groove but I promise that September will for sure be more consistent! Anyways, here is what happened in August...

 If there is one thing I love doing it's finding new places to have cocktails and drinks with my gal pals! Saying that we came across the very interesting Simmons bar in king’s crosses and I couldn't recommend it more I had a fab time there and I think they might have the best happy hour in all of London!

I also tried out a new club in central London known as mahiki and it was certainly an experienced, but not one I hope to relive anytime soon I hope.

London zoo was also on the agenda this August and honestly, I love animals so much so this was such a treat for me. It was also so lovely to spend some quality time with my parents and my brother. There really is nothing better than taking some time away to focus on family.

August 18th was doomsday. Yep a-level results day had crept up on all year 13 students. There were tears of happiness and tears of disappointment but it was a day that none of us would forget. Luckily I was happy with the grades I received and I am looking forward to my gap year (I promise there is a post coming soon on this whole subject) I was so happy to see that my friends had all gotten into their first or second choice universities. As the day had gone so well we took the club's to celebrate our success...and what a night it was. We had a freedom we hadn't had before and we took advantage of freedom with reckless abandon. It was most definitely one of the best nights of my life including how drunken and messy it was.

Later on, in August a group of us attended Nottinghill carnival and despite its interesting reputation, it was actually a fantastic day, despite the disgusting amount of walking we had to do in order to find a train station to get home. The music, the floats, food and entertainment were well worth it. I'm buzzing to attend again next year.

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  1. August is surely very pleasant and memorable month.I really like all these pictures..Especially that hanged skull is killing me..Thank you very much for sharing.Keep posting


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