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Trying a little something different on the blog today! I have made a new friend from across the pond called Sam! Samantha is a 25 year old creative tackling the dismal NYC job market. She's a contract social media manager and nanny by day, blogger and romance reader by night. She loves tea, chocolate, milkshakes, Hello Kitty, brunch and hiding away with a good book. If you see her walking down the street there's a good chance she's either on the phone, sending a text, posting a tweet or listening to her massive and varied iTunes library.
We decided to interview each other for the fun of it and I hope you find it as entertaining as we did! Please also have a look at Sam interviewing me on her blog!

Q:What is the the deal behind fraternities and sororities?

A: In college (you call it university or uni), there is a plethora of options to be involved and have a heady social life to balance out the school work. Fraternities are social organizations for males only while sororities are the same but for females. Each organization has a network around the country with different "chapters" at different schools. A lot of them invest time and effort into specific charity work on top of creating a "brotherhood" or "sisterhood." Personally, I never joined one and found them to be too fake and annoying for me. I can't deal with that many females day in and day out. Plus, during "pledging" season, you have to like give up all this extra time to be around in hopes of getting asked to join and being taken on by a "big" (person who is kind of like your mentor when joining the group).

Q:What did you learn about the Queen and the royal family?

A: Honestly, I don't remember much about the current Queen as I'm more of a history person meaning I know more about her predecessors than her. It's horrible to admit but current history didn't appeal to me in high school or college. I actually know a lot about the royal family's history with losing power and coming back into power. I also know the basics when it comes to Prince William and Prince Harry, Harry's my personal favorite. I do know quite a bit about the deceased Princess Diana of Wales, rest her soul. I understand that Prince William is also the Duke of Cambridge. I know that the only way to become a crowned king is to actually be born in the line from a queen. You cannot marry into royalty and become king, your title will only be that of a prince while your wife would be Queen. That must really suck for the guy.

Q:What is the truth behind the whole tipping system?

A: Well, here's a little fun fact behind tipping that most people don't even know, it was born out of slavery. Yes, that's right, it comes from slavery. Tipping was a sign of control and dominance from the Whites as those who lived off of tips and went unpaid were freed, slaves. It continues now but that's the root of it. Basically, restaurants and bars pay their waitstaff and bartenders menial hourly wages and can get away with it because the opportunity to be tipped exists. Basically, you live off of those tips but you can make a lot. My one friend only bartends two nights a week and leaves with a minimum of $450 a night. That's pretty sick. On the flip side, you can end up with crappy tips like only $40 bucks an eight-hour shift. It really depends on your customers, the day and time you are working and how busy the place is that you work at.

Q:Do you know of any other places in England aside from London?

A: Oh, yeah! I've been to England a few times. I know about Manchester and loved it. My one college professor was from Birmingham and another was from Leeds. I know about Newcastle and Sheffield, as well. Did I shock you? I know an American who knows something other than London. I'm a freaking unicorn!

Q:Why are your university’s fees so ridiculously expensive?

A: It really depends on what school you pick. There are three categories: Public, Private, and Ivy League. The most prestigious are the Ivy League which is Harvard, Brown, Stanford and such. Private is expensive because it doesn't get any money from the government while public tends to be pretty affordable, especially if you're in the South. One year is only like $7,000 and I'm like, "I wish." I went to a public and then transferred to a private. Granted, I got a lot of scholarship money so neither killed me. Higher education is a money making the system and a PRIVILEGE in the USA. It is competitive just like Wall Street, Health Care, and business. It is what it is.

Q:What is your favorite state other than the one you live in?

A: Um, this is really hard because I love where I live. Maybe the nation's capital because D.C. is amazing and still close enough to not be like the South and fast enough to not bore me.

Q:Is New York anything like gossip girl?

A: Um, yes and no. Yes to the traffic, always traffic. Yes to the people overload when you see them walking down the street. However, Gossip Girl is the lives of the spoiled elite and most people don't live like that. Also, a school doesn't really work like that. There are stores every freaking where in Manhattan, lots of coffee shops and Brooklyn is considered hipster and cheaper than Manhattan.

Q:How does your bus system work? What’s a greyhound? Is it a bus system?

An: I rarely use it but it has stops that you get on and off of along with loads of different routes. You can either pay for a monthly pass for a specific line or pay for each time you use it. There is also a bus that goes between NJ and NYC. A Greyhound is a more expensive bus used for transporting people. Honestly, I don't think I've ever used it so I wouldn't know. I drive, fly or take the train every-freaking-where. The bus system changes depending on what state you are in, too.

Q:Who are those people on your ‘bills’ (I think that’s what you call them)?

A: Ahah, dollar bills, yes. The people on the dollar bills are people important to USA history, usually Founding Fathers. The $1 bill is George Washington: The leader of the Continental Army during the Revolutionary War, the very first President of the United States (it's part of the reason he is on the one) and, of course, a Founding Father of the United States of America. The rarest bill ever is the $2 dollar bill with President Thomas Jefferson: The writer of the Declaration of Independence, the first Secretary of State of the United States, the second vice president and the third President of the United States. The $5 bill is President Abraham Lincoln: The 16th President of the United States, the president during the Civil War who is known for ending slavery and was assassinated. The $10 bill is General Alexander Hamilton: youngest Founding Father, first Secretary of the Treasury, and founder of the Coast Guard/First National Bank /the New York Post and George Washington's right hand. He's known most for dying in a dual with Vice President Aaron Burr in Weehawken, NJ. The $20 bill is President Andrew Jackson: the seventh President of the United States, was a courier during the Revolutionary War for the Americans and gained fame for his part in the War of 1812. the $50 bill is President Ulysses S. Grant: the 17th President of the United States who is most remembered for his actions as a General of the Union Army during the American Civil War.The $100 bill is Benjamin Franklin: one the Founding Fathers of the USA, known for his inventions (we give him the thanks for electricity), his contributions to the abolitionist movement (group of anti-slavery Americans during the time when slavery was legal), to the Declaration of Independence and to the creation of what is now the University of Pennsylvania

And to think that I thought I was the history nerd! Thank you so much to Sam for collaborating with me I had so much fun with this.

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  1. It was a great time writing up all these answers!

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  2. It was fun reading all the question answers. I would like you to write a proper article in order to grab audience. Thank you for the share.


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