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LIFE LATELY 31.7.2016

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July flew past us and here we are in August! I think July has to have been, undoubtedly my favourite month so far it’s been full of fun events and it’s definitely kept me busy. Blogging has been slacking but I’m working on that, I promise. Here is what I got up too in July!
The first of July marks my Year 13 prom. This was possibly the best night of my life, I had tonnes of fun with both teachers and friends. It also made me sad because I had the realisation I am leaving behind the simplest part of my life and embarking on a much bigger journey independently. Nevertheless, as they say, C'est la vie and all that. I have to say my personal favourite moment of prom was doing tequila shots with my psychology teacher…yeah, my prom was that good!

On July 9th I went to Wireless festival and had the time of my life! I saw Chase & Status, J. Cole, Sigma, Craig David's TS5, Maverick Sabre, Krept & Konan and more. It was an amazing night with my favourite gal pals seeing some of my favourite artists. There was a minor incident of me falling into a mosh pit (sometimes I forget that I am 5’3) but it was all in the name of fun.

Bottom two images courtesy of Wireless festival

My other escapades include a lovely visit to the Tate Modern to venture around some artwork and take artsy, pretentious pictures for Instagram (of course). I also have discovered a new club which I have fallen in love in Chelsea. Embargo República is a Cuban infused club with rooftop terrace which is perfect for having cocktails and gossip!

Post in July:
Summer Essentials 

Unfortunately not many posts in July, but I am getting my life together, I have a new posting schedule. I now post on Wednesday and Sundays and I promise to stick to it with a passion. I am also getting in the groove of the pre-planning blog post so I have content to post. Is it time I stop talking and start doing right?

Roll on August,

Thank you~~
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  1. Life is always more important than blogging. Don't apologize for enjoying yours!

    S .x


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