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I was tagged a while ago by the lovely Emma, but this post has been waiting excitedly in my drafts! I have yet to turn 18 (April 16th is just around the corner) but I wanted to use this list as a bucket list of thing to do before my teen years are over! Similar to Emma I will be tagging 3 bloggers to try this, but if I haven't tagged you please feel free to do it anyways, and don't forget to tag 3 more. Enjoy!

1. Take A Road Trip.
2.  Go Skinny Dipping.
3.  Vote.
4.  Finish learning Mandarin Chinese.
5.  Have at least 1,000 followers.
6.  Inter-rail around Europe.
7. Travel to LA or New York.
8.  Learn to drive.
9.  Go to a music festival abroad.
10.  Camp under the stars.
11.  Buy a designer handbag.
12.  Run a half marathon.
13.  Learn first aid.
14.  Finish 100 books in a year.
15.  Conquer one of my biggest fears.
16.  Learn to make one cocktail really well.
17.  Attend a major sports event.
18.  Attend a big blogger event and meet people.
19.  Volunteer.
20.  Love myself more.

This was actually so much fun, I also love to write lists so this was also very satisfying. The 3 bloggers I will be tagging are: Fran, BetheLouise and Lydia! Ladies have fun doing this tag!
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1 comment on "20 THINGS BEFORE 20"
  1. Ahh no way, I've been learning mandarin Chinese too! I speak cantonese but wanted to learnt to read and write mandarin. I'm curious to know what your biggest fear is, I don't think I know what mine is.

    Sally ~ DiagonSally


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