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Happy New Year! I cannot actually believe it’s already 2016. January is the month fresh starts, it’s the perfect time to start afresh and leave all the bad stuff in 2015. I have collected my list of personal and blogging goals for 2016, I hope this gives you some inspiration for your own goals as well as forcing me to stick to mine. Enjoy!

Personal Goals

Being a better person.
There are a little thing I would like to alter about myself and how I react to people or certain situations. I have a little bit of a feisty temper and I would like to spend 2016 working on it. This includes being more grateful, and reflecting on all the things right with my life rather than focusing on wrongs.  Also includes enjoying the little things in life that pass me by because I’m ‘busy’.

Learn something new every day.
In order to have a better understanding of the world around me, I want to learn something new every day, I’m not talking about massive events but little things that I find interesting, personally I think the best way to do this is to watch loads of TED talk videos, which by the way, I am obsessed with.

I have been having some serious wanderlust recently, and lucky I have the opportunity to travel more this year and I will be grabbing those opportunity by the horns.

Be Kinder to myself.
If I am to be honest, I am my harshest critic. I am very hard on myself and lack the belief and confidence in myself. I need to learn to give myself credit when it is due and accept that I have talents and skills.  Being kind to myself also includes looking after my physical and mental health, looks like I will be going back to gym and meditating weekly.

Blogging Goals

Use social media more & Comment.
I’m always loitering socially, on twitter and Instagram but I hardly ever engage with other on social media. I think using social media more will not only enhance my blog but hopefully I can make some blogging friends also! As for commenting, I do comment as often as I can but I know I can do more to interact with fellow bloggers on their post. Leaving a comment makes me smile so wide, I can only imagine it’s the same for others

Gain more followers.
I know numbers aren’t everything, but it feels nice to know you have a little audience to your views. I am hoping to reach around 250-300 followers by the end of the year! I know it will take hard work but I am prepared!

Work with more brands & other bloggers.
I would really love to work with more brands and try out new products! But I would also love to collaborate with others bloggers and attended blogger events. I think meeting and interacting with bloggers is my main ‘goal’ of 2016.

I’m very curious to know if you have any aspirations for 2016 and how you plan to stick with them!
Thank you for reading,
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