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LIFE LATELY: 29.1.16

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January has been a crazy, crazy month! January usually isn’t very hectic for me but, wow I have never been so busy recently. I thought I would like to share not only what’s been happening in my life but also music I have been listening to and other things I have been loving during January.
Firstly, so many friends of mine are turning 18, it's insane! There have been so many 18th birthday parties this month I can hardly keep up. Friends turning 18 is both a blessing and a curse, it means loads of lovely trips to the pub for drink and food. But it also means, since I’m still 17 that I don’t join them when they all go clubbing. However it’s still on three months until I am finally the big one-eight!

Speaking of nearly turning 18, the UCAS deadline for university application was January 15th and I miss it. Before you think this is an utter disaster, I missed it on purpose. You might be thinking, urm Gabby, why would you do that. I missed the deadline on purpose is because I am taking a gap year (also known as a gap yahh). I am planning the post on my gap year as you are reading this, but know it involves: travelling plans, learning a new language and dogs. Sounds wild right?

On to a sadder update, on New Year’s Eve the inevitable happened. I cracked my phone screen. I was so close to tears, a silly thing to cry over I know but it was a crisis that could have easily been avoided if I wasn’t so silly with my phone. I’m looking to get it repaired soon. (Why are these things so bloody expensive??)

I think that’s all the life updates I have for January! I usually find new things to love in January and this month has been eye opening.

I have found so many new songs that I really uses to love but forgot about them, I’ve found them again and fallen back in love. These songs include: Tumblr girls by G-easy,  Novacane by Frank Ocean and Shelter by Years &Years.

As well as music, Netflix has been my main source of entertainment (when isn’t it?) a series that I have been really loving is Reign, a series that focuses on Mary, Queen of Scots. If you are history nut like me but don’t mind things being historically incorrect, I can promise you, you will love it.
I’ve also been re-reading The Great Gatsby, for my English coursework and I remember how much I actually loved it! I deffo recommended reading it.

Blogging wise January has been a decent month for me. I’ve got together a new blogging schedule that I am learning to fit to. Posting three times a week is very demanding but also fun! I’ve also learnt to let my blog be more me. It much more focused on the things that I enjoy and like reading/writing about! I know that numbers aren’t everything when it comes to blogging but, I’m so close to 100 followers! I know in comparison to other bloggers who have thousands in their following its very insignificant but to me it’s actually amazing! I hope I can enter February with 100 people following Wildishly!

Post in January:

If you haven’t you should have a peak at all those posts!  I hope your January was amazing and my your February be even better!

Thank you,
Until next time x
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  1. Phone repairs are genuinely so expensive! It's so annoying it makes me super mad!

    lovely post, I really enjoyed reading this
    Daizy from|


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