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 Firstly, sorry for the lack of posts last week school was actually insane! I literally had no time to do anything, yet alone anything blog related. But I have dealt with all of that now, and my life is back in balance. 

I wanted to share some Instagram’s I love to stalk and their amazing feeds!

Minimalist and stylish, Kenna is a YouTuber who is all about the simple life. Her Instagram feed is to die for! Not to mention that she is beautiful.

Another gorgeous YouTuber, her feed is full of dark tones and designer handbags!

I am sure everyone loves Brookes travel blog, and trust me when I say her Instagram is even better! I always find myself scrolling though when I feel like the wanderlust creeping in.

I have added another YouTuber to this list! Alex’s Instagram is full of her snaps from all over the world, not to mention her amazing hair!

Noel gives me serious friendship goals! Anytime I am scrolling through her feed I have the feeling to grasp my best friends go to a mountain or a cliff and take snaps and talk all night!

Two of my favourite luxury bloggers! They are twin sisters with feeds to die for, super sophisticated, chic and classy!

Thank you
Unil next time!
  1. These are the prettiest feeds! They're actual goals

    lovely post,
    Daizy from|

  2. Be that as it may, everybody likes taking photographs and let's be realistic - relatively every one of us feels like we have a talent behind the camera. buy real Instagram followers


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