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Hello, hi…long time no blog. I’m attempting to work on blogging more persistently. Trust me. Anyways I have recently found out that I appear to have attachment issues to certain objects in my life. This is what has ultimately led me to be writing five things I couldn’t live without. This was a very difficult list to make btw.

  • My phone. Honestly it’s my lifeline, I know it’s unhealthy to have such a passion attachment to a inanimate object but,  my life is my phone. I don’t know what I would do without it. Die probably.
  • Student Discount. Lord above how did I ever even afford clothing before my 10% of at Topshop????
  • My earphones. I know this kinda goes along with my phone but have you ever lost a pair of headphones and have had to listen to things out loud. IN PUBLIC. No thanks.
  • My mum. Yes this make me sound like an overly dependent teenagers but I would be sooo lost without my mum, she knows everything. She is basically a wizard.
  • Ebay/ Amazon. I mean where else am I going to spend money on pointless crap that I will never use or will break the moment I open the package. Also they are great for dupe products!
Trust me when I say I could add way more to this list! I might even do a part 2 two. Please let me know the five or more things that you cant live without, it would be really interesting to see!

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  1. So with you on the phone!!! And yes, I always seem to forget some kind of earphone/headphone to take with me, so am stuck with noisy kids screaming and shouting. No siree, not today.

    Meg | A Little Twist Of…

    1. Noisy kids at the back of the bus need to be blocked out! I am sure never to forget mine :)


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