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10 Things to do When Exams are Done!

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Exams be over! Now is the time to binge watch Netflix and work on that summer bod (yeah right!) Now that most of us have finished exams or you are about, I have complied a list of 10 things to do now that exam season is over! Now we wait for results day...
  1. Sleep, go ahead take a really, really long nap. You know you deserve it.
  2. Finish a whole season of Gossip Girl in one day. This is more of personal gain for myself.
  3. Cry
  4. Go out in the sun. Considering the amount time you have been inside the exam hall you must be lacking in some good ole Vitamin D.
  5. Sit and hope for low grade boundaries.
  6. Have a family day!
  7. Stress about returning to school
  8. Have a gals/guys night in.
  9. Pamper yourself- hit the spa! Get those nails done, and eyebrows looking sassy
  10. Congratulate yourself on getting though those exams. Exams are never easy and you deserve a pat on the back!  

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