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Jamican Holiday Edition 2014!

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So earlier this year, I went on holiday back to Jamaica. It was so fabulous going down to the pier and having ice cream, not to mention  going to the beach, and I actually saw Usain Bolt at the airport! It was such fab holiday I thought I would share some of the pictures with you all :)

 I read and finished Anna and the French kiss on my 10 hour long flight. I really enjoyed the book it was so much fun to read. On the top right is a picture of the plan journey, all the way from London to Kingston Jamaica. God I hate long flights. Surprisingly I did enjoy the food that was given and the amazing view of going over the north Atlantic ocean. It was really something spectacular.

 Whoo! Landed safe and sound, despite the flight being soo long it was well worth the discomfort. Having the window seat meant I got first look out Jamaica and its rich  beauty.

 At the Jamaica airport we actually saw Usain Bolt- yeah the world fastest man- and he is sooo tall omg. I managed to take a sly picture of him but its not very clear. But its him I swear! We were traversing in the car  to my mother house and I was able to take this snap of ocean. I think what I really love about these oceans are that they have so many shades of blue, I love the ombre effect, I love how it blends so seamlessly from the white sands to the deep navy blue of the unknown.

The other pictures shows the view from my room at my mothers, deep into the countryside. The greens are so vibrant and the hills are just full of life. However, its so far deep in the countryside that their is virtually no signal at all, which mean - no phone and, no laptop and, certainly no wifi. Ii actually kind of enjoyed it. Never felt more peaceful.

All of these were possibly the most fun part of my trip! My family and I went on a boat ride near the blue lagoon, a very famous tourist attraction. The water was so clear you would see right through towards the bottom, it was such a fab view. Being so far out in the ocean was such a wonderful view to see. Seriously best view ever.

My journey is coming to end now, but we spent the lat few days out on my family farm, where the skis were always blue and there were almost never any clouds. I spent my last few days lounging around the marina look at the water and chilling on the boats, and admiring the view that I would sadly be leaving soon.

So that's it for today, a small snippit into my holiday... many more to come, I love to travel so taking photos and little videos are almost all I do! I cant wait to show you all about my other travels :)

Peace & Love,
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  1. i nominated you for the liebster award. you can check it out here x

  2. aah i'm so jealous of your trip!

    from helen at

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