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Hello August

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So, finally August has come around and its safe to say I have mixed feelings. On the one hand, we are getting closer to Christmas(!). But this also mean my summer is soon to be dawning to a close. I still have a whole month left but, on August 21st I have is when I  get my Exam results and its safe to say I am shitting bricks for that. So part of me wants to tell August  fuck off and skip right ahead to next summer.

I am interested to see what August might bring for me. I am so looking forward to starting college next month. I feel a lot older and even somewhat more sophisticated. I think I am finally ready.
It used to worry me alot that I am now closer in age to 20 that 10 but alas I am still only 16 so I have a while left.

 All I am asking is August please be good to me.

Peace & Love,

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